Collection Of Materials From Producers

We have a dedicated network of waste paper recycling plants throughout the UK to handle your recycled materials and waste for sorting. All locations can provide collection in bulk by means of Multilift containers, compactor bins, skips, and collection of baled, stillaged or palletised material.

Through our dedicated logistics department at Nantwich we can arrange collection by flatbed, curtainside, bulk discharge or container vehicles throughout the UK and Ireland. We also have at our disposal a number of trailers fitted with on board forklift/clamp trucks for driver self loading.

We can arrange collection for the following materials:

  • Palletised brochures
  • Palletised magazines and pamphlets
  • Palletised Newspapers
  • Palletised Packaging materials and cartons
  • Palletised office records new or used
  • Baled grades of recycled paper as a singular or multiple grades per load
  • Loose bulk feed grades of recycled paper as produced by local authorities
  • Printers offcuts
  • Office records for security destruction
  • Reels of new unprinted paper
  • Reels of new pre-printed paper
  • Reels of tissue paper and hand towel
  • Reels of packaging materials
  • Various grades in stillages or bagged
  • Baled, Palletised or stillaged grades of plastic

Any other grade in various forms not listed above please contact us for a quotation for a one off spot order or for regular collections from anywhere in the UK or Ireland.